Years singing in church:   35+ years
Favorite singer:   Kim Hopper
Favorite group other than ours:   The Hoppers
Favorite song to sing:   Something's Happening
Favorite scripture:   Romans 5:8-9
Favorite preacher:   David Stout, Jeff Luedtke, Erwin Lutzer
Favorite restaurant:   Pastariffic
Favorite TV show:   CSI, Survivor, anything on the Food Channel
Favorite vacation spot:  Bahamas & Florida
Favorite food:  Pasta, Bacon
Favorite sports team: not really into sports  UNLESS my Grand-kids are playing, and I love watching and cheering them on
Highlight of music career:  recording our latest cd at Harvest Studio with John Darin Rowsey
Most embarrassing moment with the group:   Silly as I am, there are too many to list.
People you most admire:   Parents & there are several pastor friends that I admire and have given me Godly advice.
One thing people do not know about you: learning new parts makes me very nervous.
Place of Birth:   Marion, Indiana
Hometown:   Fairmount, Indiana
Spouse:   Rick
Number of Children:   2 Daughters, 5 Grandchildren, 2 step-Daughters, 1 stepson, 3 step-Grandchildren